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Elevate your special event with live jazz music. We offer small jazz ensembles from duo, trio, and quartet size bands. We add that perfect ambient touch to VIP cocktail mixers, dinner receptions, and any and all special occasions. Our jazz bands provide a classy live music presence, yet will not interfere with conversations or upstage the focus of the event.

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. I can supply an ensemble at 100% BizX if my players are accepting of receiving trade dollars for compensation. Most of the professional musicians I employee are not open to trade. I have a small circle of players that are open to trade who are the players I have on BizX events. Also, weekend events that fall on Fridays and Saturdays are hard to do 100% BizX because players will not take a trade gig if they can work a regular cash paying gig. In those instances I can do a BizX/cash deal


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