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Greenlake Bar & Grill

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A Little Bit About Us:

At Neighborhood Grills, we are committed to serving classic American food, made with high quality ingredients, at an affordable price. Many of our customers live within a few miles of our restaurants. That is why we’re known as Neighborhood Grills. And, for 20 years, we have been the approachable go-to neighborhood spot, whether it is breakfast (Saturday and Sunday from 9am – 2pm), lunch, dinner, or happy hour at Greenlake or Lake Forest locations.

Our famous happy hour is available at all our locations and we serve Northwest ingredients whenever possible. You will find fresh, local vegetables, Northwest spirits, wine, and beer, and Northwest salmon on our menus. We source locally when possible and only the freshest ingredients.

Come see why we have been so popular for so long…


Greenlake Bar & Grill

7200 East Green Lake Drive North

Seattle, Washington 98115

United States

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