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Skyline Pacific NW

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Skyline Pacific NW build brands by creating brand experiences for our clients attending trade shows and marketing events. We maximize impact and ROI through creative content and promotions, innovative exhibit design, and cost-efficient products and services.

Skyline banner stands are lightweight, easy, cost-effective and durable for a great value for the do-it-yourself exhibitor. Skyline Pacific NW can make banner stands, tabletop displays, popup displays and up to custom island exhibits. Have questions call today to find out how you can best utilize Skyline Pacific NW.

Additional Information

New tradeshow booths are 100% BizX up to $5000.

Any amount over $5k will be half-cash.

Example: a $10k trade show booth would be $7.5k BizX, $2.5k cash.


Sales Presentations NW Inc.

4107 Airport Way S.

Seattle, Washington 98108

United States

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