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Healthcare for mind, body and spirit... naturally. Trained as both a naturopathic physician and a psychotherapist, Michael Byrne provides truly holistic medical services, taking the big picture approach to your health and well-being. Dr. Byrne primarily focuses on using counseling and coaching approaches in addressing the mental and emotional components of chronic illnesses.

Nutrition, herbal medicine, craniosacral therapy and guided imagery are some of the other tools he uses. Trained in EMDR, he is also skilled in addressing highly traumatic material, helping to free individuals from the effects of negative past events. Dr. Byrne works with individuals as well as couples.

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Hours: -Monday 9am - 9pm
- Tuesday 9am - 1pm
- Thursday 9am - 9pm
- Friday 9am - 1pm


Seattle Healing Arts Center

6300 9th Ave. NE

Suite 200

Seattle, Washington 98115

United States

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