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The DeLuxe started life as a tavern at the close of Prohibition. In the late 1950's a small grill was added in the back, which became famous for pumping out mammoth baked potatoes (think size 11 men's shoes) and cheap steak dinners to go along with an ever expanding beer selection. In the early 60's, Joe Rogel and Bernie Minsk bought the place and embarked on a course of gradual change which included expanding the restaurant and the menu, and adding hard liquor (remember the kamikazi craze?). Then in 1999, Joe's son, Barry, bought the place and expanded it and the food and bar menus yet again.Through all these changes, the DeLuxe has remained true to its history and is the quintessential neighborhood bar and grill.


Deluxe Bar and Grill

625 Broadway Avenue East

Seattle, Washington 98102

United States

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