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Help your now virtual staff develop into a cohesive, innovative, effective remote team!

Google studied 15,000 team members and found the number one characteristic of innovative, effective teams is psychological safety. How easy is it for your team members to share diverse perspectives? Do they trust others to have their backs? Can they bring bad news or even failure to the team and know it will be used to further team goals and not to crush them personally? 

With coaching your team members will be resourced to:

  • Gain clarity about how psychologically safe your team actually is, and where to go from here
  • Grow and develop as a team, strengthening team identity
  • Cooperate in making excellent decisions
  • Communicate effectively using the most effective strategy for each situation
  • Resolve conflicts and eliminate fear
  • Increase energy and participation
  • Remain open to new thinking and avoid groupthink
  • Effectively distribute work to maximize contribution
  • Be empowered as diverse team members to fully contribute to the team.

Contact Christine today for information about Team Coaching to bring your diverse team to its fullest potential.

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