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“Do you like Amazing Tasting BBQ?”, That’s Us!! All our recipes are our own. We use local and sustainable products and ingredients. We focus on catering private events. Our goal is to serve Good Food Into As Many Mouths As Possible. We are fun guys who want good food to bring family and friends together. From tailgating to back yards, from weddings to corporate events, we believe that Smoke N Barrel BBQ can be that sauce that brings it all together. Like Parmesan in Mac N Cheese, Mayo in Potato Salad, Ketchup in BBQ sauce, these things are a big part of the finished product. Smoke N Barrel can be that your event. Let Smoke N Barrel BBQ show you how fun and and good we can be.


Smoke N Barrel BBQ

1714 Franklin St

Oakland, California 94612

United States

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