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About Shelby

The Seattle Times once printed, “Knowing Shelby Burford is like knowing Forrest Gump. The stories never stop.” Today, Shelby crafts narratives that capture the attention of the marketplace. Through communications strategy, copywriting, and presentation design, he helps companies put words and images to the value their products and services possess.

Core Marketing Messaging

Obscure messaging causes useful products to go unsold; essential services, unsolicited. Many of today’s most promising emerging technologies are still foreign to their intended consumers, buried beneath jargon or clouded by well-intentioned hyperbole. We craft clear and compelling narratives that put words to the value a company's products or services possess.

Presentation Design

Few things are more compelling than a powerful message, and few more painful than a bad presentation. We empower entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and thought leaders with illustrative slides and persuasive narrative strategy for their careers’ most critical presentations.


Helping brands articulate their value propositions:



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