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Custom MonoRail Lighting

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Window-ology is now offering custom made MonoRail Lighting on BizX!

We are now offering MonoRail lighting is now available for 30%-50% below internet pricing. MonoRail lighting is an incredibly versatile style of lighting fixtures, perfect for offices, kitchens, and anywhere else that needs stylish illumination!

All of our kits include a surface transformer, 8 feet of MonoRail, 5 light fixtures, and everything needed to complete the project, including 5 monorail free-jack connectors, decorative end-caps, and 50w halogen bulbs.

$750 BizX for one kit.
$2,000 BizX for three kits.

Additional Information

For all inquiries, please contact BizX account manager Patrice at [email protected]

Cash for shipping/handling is $45/kit, and every 3rd ships free.



4225 Stanley Blvd

Pleasanton, California 94566

United States

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