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Laser Genesis & Laser Hair Removal

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Laser Genesis is a safe, non-invasive laser procedure that effectively treats fine lines, large pores, uneven skin texture and diffuse redness – with no “downtime”. Laser Genesis is the ideal treatment for patients that have an active lifestyle looking to improve their appearance – with no disruption of their daily activities.

The end result is smoother, healthier looking skin with marked improvement in texture, fine lines and large pores!

Laser Genesis can effectively treat:
• Fine Lines
• Large Pores
• Diffuse Resness
• Uneven Skin Texture
• Acne Breakouts (as reported by patients)

Laser Hair Removal

Aura Skin Spa is the premiere medical spa for laser hair removal in San Francisco. Our physicians, registered nurses and nurse practitioners have performed thousands of procedures. We offer several lasers (alexandrite and YAG wavelengths) for permanent hair reduction that safely and effectively remove unwanted hair anywhere on the face or body for men and women and on all skin types.

Additional Information
  • Laser Genesis - Face, 5 Treatments 2,000.00 (fixed) BizX

  • Laser Hair Removal for Men's Back - 4 Tr  2,860.00 (fixed) BizX

  • Laser Hair Removal for 6 Face Treatments 1,980.00 (fixed) BizX

  • Laser Hair Removal for 6 Extended Bikini  1,800.00 (fixed) BizX

  • Laser Hair Removal for 6 Brazilian Treat 1,980.00 (fixed) BizX

  • Laser Hair Removal for 6 Underarm Treatment 1,050.00 (fixed) BizX



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