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Take time to bring yourself into the present moment on the morning of your wedding.Transform your day from a to-do list blur to an embodiment of your values and intentions. Be the light for your fiancé, family and YOURSELF during this exciting yet emotional time.

This unique offering includes:

MATS, PROPS AND CUSTOM PLAYLIST yoga mats, cork blocks and straps are provided. The bride has a white mat, strap and rose towel for her practice. The groom has a black mat, towel and strap for his session.

HEART CHAKRA CRYSTAL SINGING BOWL Savasana is closed with vibrations from the heart chakra singing bowl. 

GUIDED INTENTION SETTING AND MEDITATION Each session starts with bringing focus on the breath. This is followed by a guided intention setting session to bring to mind the reason for this special day. Practice ends with savasana, giving the bride and groom a foundation of presence and breath to take into their day.&a


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