Geoteaming Team Building Event & A Year of Coaching

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Fun! Unique! Teambuilding? YES! Those words do go together when you work with Geoteaming! If you want to reward your teams with something fun and unique while building stronger relationships, we have your solution.
Geoteaming specializes in corporate team building that uses technology and adventure to create breakthroughs and results.
Using our Geoteaming app, we turn your smartphone into a full fledge team building event complete with missions, scoring and a digital slideshow delivered to you.

This progam includes a team building event with video and data analysis, followed by a year of customized coaching for your organization based on the results from the event. After a year of coaching, the same event will be repeated to measure effectiveness and change over the year. 

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Pricing starts at $150 BizX per person, for 12 months for 2 events with video and data analysis as well as customized coaching for the year. 




18326 Corliss Ave N.

Seattle, Washington 98133

United States

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