Barrio Star Mexican Restaurant

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2018 Best Casual Mexican Restaurant rated by the SD Chapter of the California Restaurant Association.

The sky’s the limit at Barrio Star, presenting San Diego with modern Mexican Soul Food, woven with bold Latin flavors and clever Asian touches. As one of several restaurants created by award-winning chef and restaurateur Isabel Cruz, Barrio Star’s bright and lively décor is a metaphor for what we proudly serve. Our vibrant flavors and healthier renditions of classic Mexican dishes reveal thoughtfully presented menu items that are sure to please every palate.

Pairing with our well-prepared food menu items is a mouthwatering beer and cocktail menu. Besides serving standard Mexican beers, we also offer rotating drafts as well as an extensive tequila menu. Our bartenders are “margarita artists,” you might say. With every ounce of lime, lemon and orange freshly squeezed into your glass. Kick-start the evening with our Roasted Jalapeno Blackberry Margarita and let the fiesta begin!

Live Music Every Sunday 4:30-6:30.  Live Music coming soon for Saturday brunch!


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Barrio Star Mexican Restaurant

2706 5th Avenue

San Diego, California 92103

United States

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