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If you have an HVAC system (in your home or at your office), cleaning the furnace duct is something that you need to do from time to time to help improve the efficiency of the system and air quality within your home or work. Furnace Duct Cleaning helps to ensure that the entire system is working optimally and that there is nothing that is causing inefficiencies. There is no doubt that we are exposed to a considerably large percentage of contaminants both inside and outside our homes. It only makes sense to protect yourself and your family from breathing any contaminated air.

Services Include:

  • Vent cleaning, home furnace cleaning, duct work inspections, installation and maintenance of air cleaners, dryer vent cleaning and air filters.

Services Areas:

  • Commercial: (Seattle to Olympia)
  • Residential: (Tacoma to South Seattle/Kent)


To Schedule, please contact Adam Lawrence at (253) 381-9533 or by email at [email protected]


Capitol Duct Cleaning

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