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Cocola Broadcasting Company

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Cocola Broadcasting Companies LLC, based in Fresno, are poised to define how television will serve its audiences in the new millennium. The company has already proven its position and importance in the industry by creating new and innovative uses of the medium. It continues to develop and nurture the dream that brought it into existence and is always looking for new opportunities and endeavors.

Cocola Broadcasting Companies have always been in the forefront of the broadcast business, testing and using the latest technological advances. With the advent of High Definition Television (HDTV), Cocola Broadcasting is geared to use HDTV to better serve local communities with local programming.

Markets covered:

  • Santa Maria
  • Sacramento
  • Fresno
  • Bakersfield
  • Monterey


Cocola Broadcasting Company

706 W HERNDON AVE FRESNO, California, United State

Fresno, California 93650

United States

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