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The Coffee Cup Café offers up a variety of tasty breakfast and lunch options sure to satisfy every palate. The dynamic menu includes “power” items to help start your day right, as well as, healthy scrambles, soups, salads, sandwiches and more! All items are carefully crafted and well- balanced dishes for the modern day.


Ordering breakfast is an excruciating exercise in decision-making: the artichoke scramble or the banana blackberry pancakes? The Zen breakfast (grilled tofu, egg whites, brown rice and zucchini) or eggs with the house-specialty rosemary potatoes? Two additional daily specials, both sweet and savory, make the choice even more difficult. The lunch menu is rife with south-of-the-border specialties- tamales, quesadillas, sopes and burritos and "Chino Latino" fusion dishes like the Banzai Burrito (with shittake mushroom and ginger sauce), and Nuevo Roll-ups (Veggies and pan-fried noodles in ginger-soy sauce).


Coffee Cup Café La Jolla

1109 Wall St

La Jolla, California 92037

United States

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