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SaaS Backup for Business Piece of Mind

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SaaS Backup for Business Piece of Mind

Do you know how vulnerable and insecure your cloud-based document solution like Google Docs, Office365, or others are? Your data in the cloud needs a secure backup just like your local servers, accounting software, emails and documents.

How far back have you had to go looking for a critical document? If it was more than 25 days ago without a backup the document and data are gone

Do you think like most everyone, because it’s in the cloud it’s secure and can’t be lost? IF you think that then think again. One in three companies are reporting losing data in the cloud. Common problems are malware/ransomware damaged docs, end-user mistakes and out right malicious behavior, subscription issues, and app errors over-writing data.

Your cloud data is vulnerable without a geographic distinct backup. Backup Computing has a reasonably priced solution for this to protect those valuable business documents and data. Never suffer data loss again.

Want to see how it works and has saved the day for an actual customer of ours? See here:

Contact us and lets explore the options for getting you true data security.


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Services are billed monthly. All devices require a minimum 1 year initial lease and service agreement (though there is a 45 day evaluation period available). After that the agreement is month to month. Additional services available billed hourly and monthly. 


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