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Business Continuity with Backup Computing

Do you need a guest and secure network for you wireless? Does your wireless system automatically lock out and protect your internal systems from outside access?

Is your technician able to remotely access your switch and critical hardware and make sure they are up and running? Does your UPS allow your systems to recognize a freeze and auto reboot of that critical switch or firewall?

If not let Backup Computing show you how to reduce those service calls for IT support and instead keep your business running. We provide solutions not more work and overhead.

Want to see how it works and has saved the day for an actual customer of ours? See here:

Contact us and lets explore the options for getting you true data security.


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Services are billed monthly. All devices require a minimum 1 year initial lease and service agreement (though there is a 45 day evaluation period available). After that the agreement is month to month. Additional services available billed hourly and monthly. 


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