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With guidance and support from hospitality insurance providers the Think Twice DUI prevention program was created to protect bar and restaurant owners from Dram Shop lawsuits by helping patrons who are not visibly impaired get home safe. Hundreds of hospitality establishments have joined Think Twice and you can see some of them on our  Who We Serve Page.

The concept is simple; If breathalyzers are used by law enforcement to arrest people after they drive away from a bar or restaurant, it makes sense to offer your patrons an easy way to understand when they should not drive. To accomplish this goal, we offer a single-use breathalyzer that informs the user if they are within a range between 0.00% - 0.08% breath-alcohol-content (BAC). It’s important to note the device does NOT provide a specific BAC result above 0.08%. This feature allows patrons who are not apparently intoxicated to know when they should not drive without causing a legal issue for your establishment(s).

Please contact us directly to learn how Think Twice can reduce your liquor liability and promote responsible drinking in ways your patrons will appreciate.

Additional Information

Think Twice offers a variety of promotional items that send a positive DUI prevention message allowing your front of house service team to focus on taking care of customers. We offer posters in frames that can be placed in restrooms, bar coasters, table tents, and checkbook inserts in a variety of themes.

It is best for each breathalyzer to be retailed for $2.00 and that is the most common interaction your guests will have with Think Twice. Think Twice offers training for your service team(s) on best practices created to protect your business from liquor liability lawsuits and we also offer instructor led MAST certification.

Social Movement

When you sponsor Think Twice your decision represents a commitment to responsible drinking in your community. The overwhelmingly positive response from the public can be seen on our Facebook page and I encourage you to learn more about us by viewing hundreds of testimonials from the public and service teams we have worked with already.



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