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Rent a Power Bank On The Go

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Power Qube provides portable batteries that safely and quickly charge your electronics. Our powerbank can be rented and returned to any Power Qube kiosk in the city. You can charge your phone on-the-go at anytime, anywhere. Buy a Power Qube for your Restaurant, Bar, Saloon, Spa, Hotel Lobby, etc..

How Power Bank Works


Download Power Qube app to discover the nearest available kiosk.


Scan the QR code on the kiosk to rent a powerbank.


IOS, Micro, Type-C cables are available for almost all types of mobile phones.


Press the button to return at any kiosk, payment will be automatically processed through credit card/debit card or apple pay.

Additional Information

Buy a power qube for only $850 BizX and make cash everytime one is rented from your location. 



1525 4th Ave

Seattle, Washington 98101

United States

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