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At NewsUSA, we specialize in creating and distributing consumer-friendly syndicated feature news stories – often called “mat” or “matte” releases.
When we adapt your content and messages into a mat release, it looks and reads like a “real” news story. Then via our content syndication network, we distribute it to 2,000 media outlets – with guaranteed pick up. Amplification, in action.

Content marketing isn’t advertising. It isn’t disruptive like a pop-up ad, or ignorable to consumers like ads on webpages. Rather, it’s your content and messaging that – with NewsUSA assistance – is adapted into consumer friendly news feature stories that run together with news stories. It’s incorporating your messages as part of the news, rather than as a display ad accompanying the news.

Using the platform of mat releases – essentially sponsored, syndicated news stories – we create engaging, valuable and action-oriented content that looks, feels and reads like a news story. The content feels “native” to where it’s running, compared to a display ad. But like an ad, you entirely control the message. Working with our team of writers (former journalists), we embed your brand messages within a consumer news feature that lives within credible news sites.

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