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Yosemite Bass Lake Vacation House

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Our very comfortable and quiet 3-bed, 2-bath vacation house is 5-minutes to Bass Lake and 20-miles to Yosemite. Bass Lake is a summer wonderland; the very best place to make some great family memories, getaway for a romantic week or weekend, explore all the beauty and charm of Yosemite just 20-miles away. You will thoroughly enjoy your stay at our home we call K’Lou’s.

Once you stay there, you can call it K’Lou’s too. After we tell you what that means, of course.

Accommodates 10 people.

Nightly Rates:

  • Sunday - Thursday: $350/night
  • Friday & Saturday: $400/night

Additional Information

Cash fees include: $500 fully refundable security deposit and $250 cleaning/restocking fee.

For all booking requests, please contact Kevin directy at [email protected].

Gift certificates available in $400/per night increments.


K'Lou's Vacation Rental

35913 Highland Drive West

Wishon, Bass Lake, California 93669

United States

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