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According to the Mexican chronicles of Ricardo Pacheco Colin, “the taco is a culture, and the ‘Taqueros’ and ‘Taquerías” are a cosmos”, and, as such, they take part in this harmonious system of Mexican culinary culture in the United State. Salvador Sahagun and Lorenzo Ramos, owners and founders of this ‘Taquería’ chain, are not an exception. In fact, Tacos Guaymas represented the challenge of creating a new concept in its commitment to taste and freshness. Nowadays, Tacos Guaymas is a synonym of success, as well as freshness and true Mexican flavor. Its ‘Taquerías’ make now twelve in the whole Washington state, and they bring joy to the hundreds of thousands of customers in this part of the United State.


6808 East Green Lake Way N

Seattle, Washington 98115

United States

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