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Fractional CFO Services: Need help managing cash flow, improving profits or raising financing?

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As your part-time CFO, I take a pragmatic and hands-on approach to help your company flourish.

With the challenges of COVID, is now the time to make key changes to your buiness operations?  Need a lease or debt modification?  Want to carefully restructure your team?  Should you consider a pivot to a new line of business? Would you sleep better at night if your business was running smoother with fewer cash crises?

As a fractional CFO, I work with a limited number of small business owners to solve problems. I am hands-on, practical and strategic.  

Here are 6 ways I help your company flourish:
  •  Manage cash-flow

  • Obtain financing

  • Improve margins

  • Raise bottom-line profit

  • Ensure compliance

  • Resolve Disputes

Additional Information

Primary focus:

  • Companies with receivables, inventory or significant equipment.
  • Wide industry expereince in construction, manufacturing and business services.
  • San Francisco based and able to work remotely or meet up in person as required.
  • Fixed monthly fee--I do not bill by the hour.

Finance Guy

230 Hermann Street

San Francisco, California 94117

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