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Toughjobs works with SMB all over the U.S.. We are based in Sacramento, CA and have mastered healthcare and blue-collar industry trades.
Our Marketing Services: Range from Website Design and Re-design to Search Engine Optimization.

Email Marketing: Allows you to control the narative. More importantly gives your readers a quick link back to your site to further propel your rankings. With specially implemented email-marketing funnels you are able to get repeat visits that Google requires for higher rankings organically.

Click Rate Optimization: You have a website but no traffic? Many business owners think that websites are the "magic" behind getting customers. Websites are just the business card and the real marketing comes with properly coded sites that someone with either a computer degree or years of coding experience can implement. This also falls into the area of SEO.

Search Engine Optimization: Search Engine Optimizaton is the process of "tweaking" your website & marketing to increase the effect search engines will elevate your site in their listings. "SEO" works differently between all industries depending on which marketing cues are necessary for the niche to actually convert to customers.

Speed Optimization: Websites need to be FAST! Everyone's time is limited and people are spoiled with fast internet.

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Toughjobs Digital Marketing

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