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Silicon Valley Alliances & Kimberly Wiefling - Facilitate Virtual & Live Workshops, Strategy Pivots, Project Kickoffs, Coaching, Keynotes

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Kimberly Wiefling, author of Scrappy Project Mgmt, founder of Wiefling Consulting, cofounder of Silicon Valley Alliances. She's known globally for her highly interactive, engaging, transformative approach-VIRTUAL or LIVE IN PERSON (when safe). 

  • Leadership & Team Effectiveness
  • Creativity, Innovation & Design Thinking
  • Organizational Culture
  • Program/Project Management

Services Include:

  • Keynote Speaking (May 2020 delivered a virtual keynote for 122 people in the US & Europe)
  • Workshop Facilitation (July 2020 facilitated an 8 hour Design Thinking Workshop for PMI SF BAC) 
  • "Thinking Partner" Coaching Sessions (May 2020 launched my 1:1 coaching)
  • Facilitate Strategy Pivot Sessions (May-June 2020 facilitated 2 non-profits in pivoting from in-person to virtual services for their target audiences & June-July 2020 facilitated 60 managers and directors in 3 x 2 hour sessions to reinvent their approach to their factory automation equipment business)
  • Facilitate Project Kickoffs
  • Consulting (June 2020 facilitated Exec Leadership Team Pivot) 

Additional Information

Research and common sense suggest that unmotivated people working in unhealthy workplaces are less productive, less innovative, and less creative. And yet organizations continue to falter & fail for entirely predictable - and largely avoidable - reasons such as lack of trust, unclear goals, poor communication and priority misalignment. There are proven approaches to overcoming these challenges!

Our Style:

  • Highly interactive
  • Engaging
  • Experiential
  • Results-focused!

Our work is NOT about educating people! Knowing "HOW", by itself, changes nothing. If it did we'd all be rich and thin! We focus on catalyzing positive changes in behaviors/language that directly and positively impact:

  • Employee Engagement
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Managers --> Effective Leaders
  • Groups --> True Teams
  • and EVERY measure of business success, including revenue, profit, costs, recruiting, retention, and customer satisfaction.

Boards are aware! The current reality is that both investments and workers increasingly flow to organizations with healthy organizational cultures - and away from the soul-sucking variety. Inevitably the dysfunctional organizations of Our World will wither and die for lack of financial resources and the talented people they've driven away to more life-affirming workplaces . . . for a better world.


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