House for Sale at 10210 Morris Blvd, Steilacoom, WA 98388 - 14% BizX

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Social distance like a pro! What better solution to get away from it all than on a small private island? This renovated home boasts spectacular views of Puget Sound,Olympic Mountains and neighboring Islands. Less than 20 residence on the Island, privacy is abundant!Breath in the fresh air while soaking in the spectacular sunsets from your private porch.Just a short Ferry ride brings you to this enchanted location while still having access to all amenities(internet,cell service)to work from home!

3 bedrooms & 3 bathrooms;  3,552 sqft ; $75,000 of the $460,000 total is payable in BizX


Rental House on Steilacoom

10210 Morris Blvd

Steilacoom, Washington 98388

United States

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