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Preferred Communications and Wifi, Inc. - VoIP - UCaaS - Citrix for your business.

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If you have a business with 5 phones or more, we offer a free consultation of your current business communication setup!  We will do a full IT and bill analysis of what you currently have, and show you the latest technologies  including VoIP, UCaaS and Citrix and how it can benefit your business, alot of the time while saving you on your bottom line!  We are partners with companies  such as Star2star, Cox communications, Spectrum, AT&T and more.  In a single spreadsheet, we can show you what each company offers and how much they charge, so you know you are getting exactly what YOUR business needs!

If you have a business with 4 phones or less, please give us a call to discuss consultation fees.

We are located in San Diego, CA, but offer our services nationwide.

To email us - [email protected] or call at 619-275-7833

More information visit our website at


Preferred Communications and Wifi, Inc.

1665 Calle Camille

San Diego, California 92037

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