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Welcome to Seattle, the gem of the Pacific Northwest! In fact, Seattle is appropriately nicknamed “The Emerald City” for the lush greenery, majestic mountain ranges, and expensive bodies of water that surround its unique cityscape.

Seattle (pop. 724,745) is rich culture, arts and entertainment, as well as technology and innovation. If you’ve ever sipped on Starbucks, boarded a Boeing jet, or opened a package from Amazon Prime, you can thank Seattle for housing those groundbreaking ideas.

Seattle is also well-known for its iconic 600-ft. Space Needle, the world-famous Pike Place Market, the largest ferry system in the U.S. an entire genre of popular music, and of course, the rain. Interesting fact, however Seattle gets less annual rainfall than New York, New Orleans, Houston, Miami, and many more popular cities.

Plus, Seattleites get to enjoy the best of all four seasons.



11807 NE 112th St

Kirkland, Washington 98033

United States

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