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StudentCircle (est. 2015) promotes Academic Excellence and Lifelong Learning.

We believe that the best Math Tutor is a Rocket Scientist with passion, supportive co-workers, training, and the best resources in edu-tech. The best Writing Tutor loves working with children, understands the nuances of grammar & style, and is educated in Common Core Standards. Our tutors are Pulitzer Nominees, former Government Officials, World Travelers, Education Specialists, and K-12 Teachers.

StudentCircle offers over 40 specialized instructors across the Pacific Northwest and online. Our tutors conduct private, one-on-one, small group, and virtual tutoring sessions. We begin our relationships with a complimentary 60-minute consultation, so students and tutors can kick off instruction with a shared foundation.

StudentCircle employs a small core-team to educate and inspire students in the Humanities. Our expertise covers the gamut of Language Arts, from Grade Four up through PhD work. Our programme develops critical thought, reading comprehension, and writing style. Our writing curriculum blends common-core practice, rule-based study, and interest-driven reading. Children learn to communicate with precise grammar and critical thought.



Theodore Eftimiades

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United States

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