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Residential Drain Cleaning provided by Hunts Services

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One of the most disastrous events that can occur in your home is a sewer backup or clogged drain. Hunt’s Services understands this problem very well and we know how to prevent it. Prevention, after all, is the homeowner’s most important tool.

We are the best drain cleaning and clog removal services in the Seattle-Tacoma area. We’ve been doing this work for our loyal customers for years. We are knowledgeable about every problem that can cause a drain to back up and we also know how to fix the problem quickly.

Hunt’s Services employs only the best plumbers.  Our plumbers are licensed and bonded so you can rest assured you are getting qualified and professional plumbers with years of experience.  In addition our trucks are fully loaded with the latest equipment so we can service your clogged or plugged drain without having to make a second or third trip back to your home.  Our company has the equipment and skilled plumbers to use the latest equipment available to find the problem and clear your drains.


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