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Huhtamaki Single Wall Disposable Paper Cups

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There is nothing like a hot cuppa’ Joe to wake you up in the morning, and there’s nothing like drinking it out of a Eco friendly paper cup you don’t have to wash!

Easy to hold and prevents heat or cold burns

Ideal for small offices, families, parties, camping or teacher's rooms.


12 ounce -1000 count-$136.30 (MOST POPULAR)

16 ounce-1000 count-$155.61

20 ounce-600 count-$149.13

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Shipping in cash - $15 per case

1) Credit Card information for Shipping & Taxes ( Account number, Expiration, Security Number, Address that matches credit card, Name as it appears on the Credit Card)
2) Is the product being shipped to a residential or commercial location
3) Email Address
4) Mobile Phone
5) Name of your Barter Company/Broker Name/Phone Number
6) How many cases and which selection of ounces (8, 12 or 16)

Please understand due to the volume of orders, we will not be able to process your order unless ALL of the above information is provided. 


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