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Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream

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At Sub Zero, our scientific approach to Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream creates the freshest ice cream on the planet by super cooling only the highest quality ingredients, on demand, one delicious scoop at a time. At Sub Zero, there are no limits to your imagination and you the customer have control over the flavor and style of your very own bespoke cold treat. VIDEO 

CATERING: With Sub Zero Ice Cream catering, we give you a simple and delicious way to be the star of the show. Sub Zero provides your guests with a unique, fresh, and delicious option, with an experience they’ll remember and still be talking about for months.

  • EXPERIENCE: Not just a dessert, but an experience.
  • CUSTOMIZED:  Pick the flavors you want to share. Nothing compares to freshly frozen ice cream, made specifically for you.
  • HASSLE-FREE: We do all the work, you get all the credit. 
  • MEMORABLE:  Celebrate the good times in a unique and tasty way that your guests will always remember and talk about.
  • WORRY-FREE: Enjoy your party while we take care of your guests from set up to cleanup.


Sub Zero


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