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Sodini’s Trattoria was established in the early 1990s. The Sodini brothers, Mark and Peter, bought and rebranded an already famous North Beach restaurant that had been in place for 85 years. That business was previously called “Green Valley Restaurant”. They took it upon themselves to keep the “Green Valley Restaurant” sign on the building, as it had been a North Beach staple point for so long.   

Through the years, Sodini’s has remained a local neighborhood restaurant where people from near and far visit to experience delicious, authentic Italian food reflecting the flavors of the Tuscany region in Italy and to become part of the family that is Sodini’s. 

Now sole owner of Sodini’s, Mark, along with the friendly and wonderful staff, have managed the popularity of this neighborhood gem with nothing but word of mouth advertising. First generation Italian, Mark’s love of family and passion for great Italian food was ingrained in him since birth. His grandparents owned the Venetian Café in San Francisco and he was raised eating much of the delicious food that is still made at Sodini’s today. He also worked in his father’s bakery, Cuneo, which was located in North Beach. 



510 Green St

San Francisco, California 94133

United States

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