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Founded in 1925, Messenger has over 90 years of experience in the industry with offices in Seattle, San Diego, and New York City. Our nationwide network of professional partnerships, built over Messenger’s long history, allows us to meet the constantly evolving demands of our fast-paced industry.

Messenger is unique in that our state-of-the-art design studios are backed by our 50,000 square foot production facility in Seattle, making us a one stop shop for many of our clients. This facility houses flatbed printing, full service CNC routing, automotive-grade painting, metal shop, and a wood shop.

Our team of interior designers, graphic designers, project managers, construction managers, and fabrication and installation specialists work together under one roof to design, fabricate, ship, and install interior and exterior decor and signage packages. We refer to this as our “Store in a Box” program.

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Strategy - Messenger establishes programs based on brand requirements, budget expectations, and schedule to be implemented across the country. Additionally, our team develops plans for site variation to the established standard.

Design - Our design team creates modular and scalable design applications that are both efficient and cost effective to produce. We then engage our production team to discuss materials and fabrication. Continuously thinking of the back end guides smarter decisions on the front.

Site Application - Our on-site survey teams have a wide variety of skill sets that allows them to respond to the needs of any condition. This enables our design team to provide site specific solutions with cost saving insight.

Project Management - Project managers in Seattle and New York are your eyes, ears, and voice throughout the life of the project. As your representative, the team facilities and manages the project to meet your schedule, budget, and expectation of quality.

Fabrication - We are anchored by a 40,000 sq. ft. fabrication facility in Seattle with several manufacturing and fulfillment partnerships in the Mid and Southwest. Also, our network of affiliates locally and nationwide allows us to bring in special consultants as needed.

Installation - Messenger crates, ships to site, installs and manages quality assurance. Our installers are dedicated crafts people who are detail oriented and experts in coordination. 



37 S Hudson St.

Seattle, Washington 98134

United States

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