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Rejuvenating Asphalt Shingled Roofs

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Asphalt shingles lose their oils over time, making them brittle, curled at the edges, and granules fall off at a higher rate.  Our soy-based oil is sprayed onto the roof and within a few hours absorbs into all the layers of the shingles.  By restoring the shingle's oils,  granule loss is stopped, and shingle flexibility is restored.  The zinc additive will kill and prevent moss.  And since the zinc is in the oil, it gets absorbed into the shingles and lasts much longer than topical moss-killing applications.

Our treatment can extend the life of your roof by 5 to 15 years.  It's non-toxic to plants, animals, and people.  Save 90% of the cost of re-roofing and saves landfills from unneeded waste.

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