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Lake Tansi Lots - Crossville, TN

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We are offering two of the last prime Lake Tansi lots your buyer can purchase for 80% trade, before we go to 30-40% cash and trade- we are selling Tansi lots like these for $9,000 to $14,000 cash now. One lot is $12,990 price, $2990 cash, $10,000 trade, $795 cash to reserve/close.

Buy both, and get a huge trade discount of $3,000 per lot, or $9990 price, the cash remains the same

Two lots $12,990 - $3000 = $9990x2 =$19,980
$2990 cashx2 =                                       -5,980
trade                                                          14,000

$795 cash x2=$1590 cash to reserve close both lots.

Buying appreciating quality land is probably the best and wisest way to spend your trade dollars!!! 

Contact Jack at [email protected] to purchase or for more information.

Please email me with any questions and to confirm the purchase of 1 or both lots and the deposits ASAP. We will be sending these lots out to other trade exchanges this coming weekend, and they will sell immediately.

Don't miss out, buy now!

Additional Information

FAQ's Lake Tansi
1. no time limit to build
2. owner does not have to maintain lot
3. lots are on nicely paved streets with water, electric, cable at the street
4. lots are 80'x120' or larger.
5. POA dues are $256/yr active per lot, and only $120/yr inactive per lot for a vacant lot owner/investor.
6. real estate taxes are only about $30 per lot per year.

To buy, the buyer needs to email us and confirm he or she is buying, which lot
or both, and also confirm they are sending the $795 or $1590 reservation deposit
to us by VENMO @-Jack-Sirianni-2 (407-620-3092) or by sending a check 
payable to US Assets, Inc. by FEDEX or UPS overnight, no signature required to:

US Assets, Inc.
339 Eagle Creek Circle
Lake Mary, FL 32746

The buyer can send just the deposit, to reserve the lots, but if possible, 
We would prefer the buyer send the deposit and 20% cash at the same time
to speed up the process, $795 +$2990 =$3985 for 1 lot, $1590+ $5980 = $7570
for both lots.

We then just need the exact name and address the buyer wants on the paperwork
and deed, and we do everything. The paperwork and closing is done in 1 day, and
the deed is mailed off for recording immediately. 



11820 Northup Way

Suite E108

Bellevue, Washington 98005

United States

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