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The increasing number of successful lawsuits against bar operators suggest much more than state minimums for alcohol service are needed. Think Twice provides practical solutions for bars and restaurants.

A first of its kind DUI prevention company with a proactive approach for bars, taprooms, restaurants, casinos, and nightclubs to help their customers know when NOT to drive. We make it easy for front-of-house staff to promote responsible alcohol service in ways that reduce liquor liability risks. 400+ washington bars already participate with distribution from NW Beverage/Odom Corp.

Think Twice Hospitality helps patrons who are NOT visibly impaired understand their risk before driving. It's a way for bar operators to be able to prove due diligence related to their alcohol service and make communities safer.

To accomplish this goal, we promote a single-use breathalyzer that informs the user if they are within a range between 0.00% - 0.08% breath-alcohol-content (BAC).

It’s important to note the device does not provide a result above 0.08% BAC. This feature allows patrons who are not apparently intoxicated know when not to drive without causing a legal issue for the business. This means the breathalyzers are not admissible in court and are in the same legal category as any other personal breathalyzer.

Additional Information

Incident Log Book – Why It Matters

Think Twice created the first incident log book made specifically for the hospitality industry. With this tool it is now easier for service teams to document responsible alcohol service.

Our log book is commercially printed and designed to meet a court’s documentation requirements. If you currently use three-ring binders, loose paper, or notebooks, then you risk a court rejecting your documentation. Due diligence is a key factor in the defense of a bar and without evidence of responsible alcohol service there is a higher risk for a successful lawsuit.

Think Twice Media Kit

Think Twice Single-Use Breathalyzers can be promoted with a variety of media kit items like posters in restrooms, bar coasters, table tents, stickers on hand drying stations, or checkbook inserts. The goal is to make it easy for a business to send a consistent DUI prevention message simply by adding Think Twice.

Standard Media Kit Includes:

(2) Posters with Frames
(100) Bar Coasters
(5) Checkbook/Table Tent Inserts
(2) Large Stickers
(1) Incident Log Book

The T2 Single-Use Breathalyzer will provide 4 different breath-alcohol-content (BAC) results based on a color change from white to dark red. The crystals in the viewing window will change colors based on a range from 0.00% – 0.08% BAC.

  • 0.00% BAC
  • 0.02% BAC
  • 0.05% BAC
  • 0.08% BAC


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