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"Contactless" - Carhop Dining

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Carhop Delivery Option: With this option, Customers can review your menu from the comfort of their car, like Sonic. Select, order, and pay for a meal and experience great “in-car dining.” With Carhop Dining, you are getting your menu items directly in front of the customers you want to eat at your restaurants. Approximately 90 million Americans will never be vaccinated, but want a safe place to shop. Approximately 48 million Americans have some form of disability. They want a more convenient way to shop and or enjoy a meal. Give it to them! Expand your revenue potential.

How it works: 

Merchant would purchase Parking Stands with the signs, which will have your company logo on it, a parking space number or letter, the logo of curbsidemall, and a bar code for consumers to scan.

Step 01: Customer will park in a designated location.

Step 02: Using our curbsidemall platform, customer will select your restaurant, which will be at the top of the list.  

Step 03: Customer will then review your menu, select the items they want to purchase and pay for those items using our platform. 

Step 04: Customer will immediately receive a 6 digit Confirmation Code.

Step 05: Merchant will immediately receive the order, fill the order and bring the customers meal out to the designated parking space. 

The customer will provide their Confirmation Code, receive their food, and share their positive experience with friends!




Additional Information

With this delivery feature, you will be required to purchase parking stands which are 100% barter. You are welcome to use your own stands as long as they have a letter or number to identy the space. 


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