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Glocodes – Electronic Coupon Creator and Module

With our Glocodes module, merchant can create as many electronic coupons as they want. Your Glocodes will be easily attached to the products you want to offer a discount for or create a Glocodes for the entire invoice.

You can structure your Glocodes so that the customer must come inside to redeem. Using our Glocodes Electronic Coupon Creator and Module makes it easy to move product and offer services you want your customers to enjoy. 


“Glocodes - Voucher” Feature: Our platform has the ability to easily create Glocodes Vouchers. What are those? A Glocodes Voucher is a Voucher that allows you, as the merchant to have a great "Blow Out" sale where you can market any product and or service you want. The Customer will purchase the voucher on the day of the sale, but will be given up to 1 year to redeem their voucher. 





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