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Used Male Mannequin Dress Form with Bendable Arms - Rental

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Rent this male dress form mannequin to elegantly display your clothing! 

It has articulated arms and comes with BOTH egghead and metal flat top.  

NOTE: Arms are made of durable plastic with a wooden pattern. If they were real wood, the price would be double so this is an economical alternative. 

PLEASE NOTE: The spring and foot pedal are decorative only, not functional. To adjust the height, use the bolts under the body form and on the bottom pole.  The pole consists of 2 poles, one shorter, one longer,  insert the one with fastening screw into the base, and then insert the thinner pole. 


Chest 40"
Waist 35.5"
Cross shoulder 19"
Height 29"
Height with head 36" 


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Rent the mannequin for only $40 per week!

Contact Judi for availability and to schedule your rental.


Mannequin Madness

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