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One Month Unlimited Podcast Placements On Top Podcasts In Your Niche

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Ever wondered how your competition gets ahead?

More than 144 million Americans are listening to podcasts, and that trend is growing by 3-5% every single year.

What I have learned from doing hundreds of podcasts and having my own show is that the biggest ROI is gained from borrowing other people's audiences. Why choose to leverage podcasting?

1. Evergreen – Podcasts live forever.
2. Authority – Most impact on your digital footprint and strongest for building authority.
3. Highly Targeted – Lowest cost per impression. Podcasts are categorized and usually consist of
a clearly defined focused audience. In depth dive into your brand, product or service.
4. Power of Storytelling – Podcasts are the best platform to share your story and message with a
highly engaged audience.
5. Consumable On The Go – People can’t watch videos or read articles while driving, running etc
6. People Buy from People – People don’t connect to ad banners or promotional content. They
connect with real people
7. High Level of Engagement – People who listen to podcasts are highly engaged and focused on
listening to what is being said. You literally have the audience in the palm of your hand.


Get booked on other peoples shows and promote your content!


For more info, lease take a look here  at our deck

You can view this video explaining our services here: Please watch this before our call. It explains everything!


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