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Canadian Fishing Excursions - 9 Destination Locations!

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Escape to the Canadian wilderness and experience an unforgettable fishing adventure!


9 available locations offer a range of accommodations from all-inclusive to rugged and adventurous. Take your friends and family to enjoy some of the best fishing Canada has to offer!


Available locations include:

Fernleight Family Fishing Lodge - Cloyne, Ontario

All-inclusive Fishing Lodge - Ear Falls, Ontario

All-inclusive Fishing Lodge - Eagle Lake, Ontario

Fishing Lodge - Nestor Falls, Ontario

Fishing Lodge - Perrault Falls, Ontario

Fishing Lodge - Osbourne Bay at Eaagle Lake, Ontario

Fishing and Archery Hunts - English River System, Ontairo

Fishing and Hunting Lodge - North of International Falls, Ontario

Fishing Lodge - Waldorf, Ontario


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