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Astrologer/Herbalist Tarot and Reiki Master Lisa Allen MH (of Timing Magic)

Lisa Allen, MH - Astrologer, Master Herbalist, etc. (0) reviews

Other psychics or tarot/oracle card readers may tell you what happens. At Timing Magic, I will tell you WHEN it happens because I am a TIMING EXPERT! And with spiritual permission, sometimes the timing can be changed to benefit you, which can be helpful for healing, creating the right relationship with your life partner, or creating a business! My skills of 2 decades: ASTROLOGY, HERBALIST (MH), Tarot, Pendulum Dowsing, Flower Essences, ULC Reverend, Usui Reiki Master, Energetic Healing, Cord-Cutting, Aura Cleansing, and Chakra Balancing. I am an annuals author for Llewellyn Worldwide in over two dozen annuals and a book on timing is currently in the works! I look forward to helping you navigate life's mysteries with reassurance, vitality and love!


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Lisa Allen, MH - Astrologer, Master Herbalist, etc.

4455 North Morena Boulevard Suite 106

San Diego, California 92117

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