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1-1 Coaching

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You're someone who wants to do so much more, but you're stuck and not moving forward. 

Whatever you're experiencing, we can get through it together. You get a professional 3rd party neutral perspective to help you think through any situation.

My clients come away feeling greater confidence, peace, and self-love. They understand and accept who they are. They're able to take the brakes off their life by transforming unhealthy habits or patterns, and finally achieve the personal and professional goals they've always wanted.

You might be facing any of these challenges: 

  • Feeling negative, self-doubt, or even imposter syndrome
  • You don't like your job, but you don't know how to switch to something else
  • Going through a career or life transition and want to figure out next steps
  • Constantly overwhelmed or burned out
  • You sense that you're giving the wrong impression but aren't sure how to manage that
  • Your relationships are rocky, and you want to improve them

1-1 Coaching: Choose between 12 or 24 sessions to start.

Company workshops, group coaching, or public speaking also available.


Mill Creek / Edmonds

15532 49th Pl W

Edmonds, Washington 98026

United States

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