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Emcee and Auctioneer

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Do you have a Conference, Charity Event, an Auctioneer needed, or Special Event that demands an Emcee to lead a fun, well-paced, laughter filled & entertaining agenda? You’ve found it with LAF Tech!

Emcee Services – Let yourself be part of the experience, and not in front of the mic! We’ll take over the speaking and directive portion of your event, allowing you to relax and mingle with coworkers, employees or valued patrons. We’ll be professional, upbeat, funny and entertaining and help keep the pace within the parameters that you set! Our only goal is your event’s success.

Auctioneer – Brian Trendler is able to run your business charity Auction event with humor, class, style and engagement! He can also fully run scripts / notifications during Silent Auctions, promote and run Desert Dashes, Raise the Paddle, Heads or Tails, Donation Dedications, and much to help increase your donations and help assure an amazing end result.

It doesn’t stop there. It takes a lot of planning and work to make a fundraising event its very best. We’ll work throughout the entire process from planning to run-throughs to ensure the highest margin of success!

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We never just “show up” to an event. We’re invested in making sure your event is the best it can be, and we put that in writing! We can tailor packages specific to your event need & budget upon request; all you need to do is ask.



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