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Window Tinting

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Why should you tint your car windows. 

1. It Helps Protect Your Car's Interior

Tinted windows can help to drastically extend the life of your interior. Protecting your upholstery from discoloration will keep your car looking great longer. This is ideal for increasing pride of ownership as well as maintaining the resale value of the car when you are ready to sell.

2. It Reduces Glare

First, this is a major safety issue. Why? Well, because the glare from the sun can make it difficult to clearly see everything that's happening on the road. Glare causes squinting, thus taking your full attention away from fellow motorists.

3. It Helps Keep Your Car Cool

Reducing the amount of sun coming through the windows will also help keep your car much cooler. This is especially important on hot sunny days when the temp inside your car can easily reach dangerous levels.

4. It Offers Greater Privacy

Privacy is another aspect of driving that you probably take for granted until it's gone. After all, there is something unsettling about people being able to see inside your car, both while you're driving or parked.

5. It Makes Your Car More Energy Efficient

Keep in mind that when most people get in a hot car, they will immediately crank up the A/C until the car has time to cool down. This is a huge waste of gas.

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