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Clean Up and Catch-Up Accounting

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When you come in our first step will be to evaluate the current standing of your bookkeeping and if they are reliable, accurate, and ready for Tax Preparation.

Our first step in this process is we evaluate what your current financials are showing. We identify obvious problem areas that need to be addressed to be sure that we are capturing all your expenditures so you can ultimately save during tax time. 

We then reconcile your financials to any tax filings that you've completed during the year. This ensures the accuracy of both the financials and the tax filings completed. Taking the time to find issues before they become an issue could save you a 25% Tax discovery penalty if the tax agency finds the problem before you do. 

We then prepare a tie-out, which is an excel document that shows your financials and the supporting documentation that will allow the financials to be auditable. 

A document like this provides much ease and simplicity to your tax preparer (if outside of our office) reducing the time they have to take to prepare the returns and ultimately reducing your bill. 

Once a set of books has been caught up they are just a matter of maintenance.


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