About Julia's Le Faux Playhouse

Located in Capitol Hill on Broadway, our celebrity impersonation drag show features a full cast of professional impersonators, choreographed dancers and completely outrageous acts. Surprise your guests with the Northwest’s most enjoyable and highly rated drag show in Seattle’s history!

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300 Broadway E.

Seattle, Washington 98122

United States

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Le Faux $20 Show Ticket

Seattle, Washington

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Worth going just for the chips, spicy salsa, location (free parking), friendly and attentive staff, and ambiance and decorations (most unique I have seen). I ordered the Chile Rellenos but unfortunately they came with seeds inside. It seems to me since you have to cut it open to put the cheese in it, why not remove the seeds? And since I can't order them that way, I won't be ordering them at this location. Expected to see Huevos Rancheros but perhaps only available on weekends or mornings? I will be coming back as my portion was huge. I had to take a nap afterwards.