About Khana Peena

Khana Peene in Berkeleyis an exciting place featuring resaonably priced Northern Indian cuisine. The decor is a mix of American Brassierie, French Bistro, and Indian curry house. Across from the open kitchen in the back are cozy curtained rooms. "Some of the best things about Khana Peena, are items not usually seen at Indian restaurants.

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Khana Peena

5316 College Ave.

Oakland, California 94618

United States

(510) 658-2300

Khana Peena

1889 Solano Avenue

Berkeley, California 94707

United States

(510) 528-2519

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Khana Peena

Restaurant serving North Indian cuisine. Open daily for dinner. Catering services available. This restaurant accepts the BizX Card.

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